TAs per the provisions of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act,1976, it is obligatory and discretionary function of BBMP to construct,maintain and regulate all public markets including shops or stalls for the sale of necessaries of life to the citizens. The KMC Act 1976, also empowers the Commissioner to have control over the public markets and to collect the license fee and also to take action for resumption of the market shops/premises in the event of contravention of any of the condition of the license or any regulation or any of by-law including committing default in payment of the fees leviable as provided under the provisions of the Act. BBMP has been making its best efforts in keeping all the markets in clean and hygiene manner and is endeavouring towards modernizing some of its Major markets in order to provide better facilities to citizens and also at the same time to augment adequate resources to BBMP by way of collecting license fees/Rent.

The market department also regulates the movement of vehicles outside the markets by way of creating orderly parking arrangements in some of the major markets by calling annual tenders. In order to regulate entry of goods to the market, gate entry system has been introduced in some of the major markets by way of calling annual tenders. These arrangements would also help BBMP to generate resources to some extent.

Some Facts About Market

  • 47 No of Markets in East
  • 43 No of Markets in Wast
  • 27 No of Markets in South
  • 1742 No of Shops in East
  • 2846 No of Shops in Wast
  • 1298 No of Shops in South

Market List